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shutterstock_116332651Qigong Time with Cynthia involves a variety of classes for every age group and fitness style. She takes you through many different movements, breathing exercises and meditation so you are in balance with your mind, body and spirit.

Classes include flows, brain exercises to stimulate new neuronal connections, creative visualization, stretching, toning exercises and awareness of your postural training.

Classes may focus on specific areas of the body such as shoulders, low back or neck tension.  All of the movements in Qigong are based on focused intention and coordinated breathing patterns which have successfully helped people achieve improved levels of fitness and flexibility, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve their balance, general coordination and strength.  Combining coordinated movement with focused intention exercise is good for your brain, mind, and physical well-being.  There is a powerful tradition in China that validates how doing Qigong improves overall health and cultivates vital longevity.

Classes will include movements that focus on routines such as:

• Balance & Coordination     • Better Sleep with Qigong     • Strengthen Your Bones

• Gentle Qigong for Accelerated Healing & Recovery     • Back & Core Strengthening

• Weight Loss     • Qigong Self-Massage     • Chair Qigong for people with limited Mobility

Orange County Qigong -Tai Chi Class Calendar

Winter 2018 | San Clemente magazine

Qigong  / Tai Chi   Barcode 1038: Tuesday Jan 9  – Feb 27 | 6:30 – 7:30 pm

 Tai Chi                 Barcode 1058: Wednesday Jan 3- Feb 21 | 10:30 – 11:30 am  is CORRECT TIME

Qigong  / Tai Chi  Barcode 1039: Thursday Jan 4 -Feb 22 | 11:30am – 12:30 pm


Winter 2018 Mission Viejo

Qigong – TaiChi  Intensives 1 and 2

Intensive 1: Easy 8  Course #8102  Saturday Jan 27   10:00 am – 12:00pm    Potocki Conference Center

Intensive 2: Walking Easy  Course #8103  Saturday Feb  17  10:00 am – 12:00 pm      Potocki Conference Center                     Register with City of Mission Viejo or, at Potocki Center on day of class


Qigong has been proven to help reduce inflammation so people with fibromyalgia, arthritis, other musculoskeletal pain conditions, as well as cancer survivors and those with diabetes can all benefit.  Qigong movements are also beneficial for improving cardio-vascular condition and circulation.

For a comprehensive list of current healing benefits of Tai Chi or Qigong please visit this LINK for more information!

Teaching Style

“Cynthia’s teaching style is engaging and motivating.  So I understand how and why I’m going to keep doing this, she gives clear explanations of the energetic intentions and benefits.  If a student needs to take extra care in a specific movement, Cynthia demonstrates alternative ways to stand or stretch.  Cynthia’s enthusiasm and uplifting personality leaves me feeling happy and energized after each class.  And the techniques of Qigong leave me feeling grounded, relaxed and ready to take on my day with centered clarity and a surplus of energy.”

Kim C.



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7 ways to use Qigong

•  Healing Qigong, aka Medical Qigong, is about self-healing, the art of prevention.
Everyone is exposed to stress and stressors. The differences are our reactions to
stress. Qigong teaches how to attune our inner states so that we can modulate and
better manage reactive symptoms to stressors like anxiety, quickened breathing,
mental confusion, high blood pressure.
•  Healthy fit people practice Qigong to become super healthy.
•  External Qi healing techniques can be combined with other wellness techniques like massage, acupuncture, Eden Energy Medicine and Therapeutic Touch. As your reservoir of Qi expands, your desire and abilities to help and heal others increases.
709B0122•  Sports and Marital Arts: Qigong is a key to strength, stamina, coordination, speed, flexibility, balance and resistance to injury and resilience for recovery. The practice of Qigong can improve any sport from golf, surfing, tennis, swimming, bicycling, skiing, mountain climbing, soccer and dancing. It is beneficial for virtually any pursuit or activity that involves coordination, balance, lightning reflexes and flexibility. Who doesn’t aspire to the skills of a trained Ninja?
•  Expressive Arts, acting, theater, many creative pursuits benefit doing Qigong by increasing confidence as well as cultivating physical and emotional expressiveness and range. Qigong takes focus and discipline which are keys to expanding creativity and the boundaries of your own amazing potential; the “force” truly is within you.
•  As a Spiritual discipline, Qigong leads to greater self-awareness and harmony with nature. The practitioner of Qigong feels a kinship with nature and oneness with all life because all of life is animated by Qi, invisible life force energy. Nature, especially the elements, flow of water, stability of earth, quickening of fire, lightness of air, are metaphors for this practice. Cultivating our own Qi seems effortless amidst the beauty and wonders of the natural world. Tapping into one’s own Qi reservoir humbles the practitioner to a greater unifying power.
•  Western Science and Integrative Medicine. As modern scientists study the invisible energy of the universe, quantum physics intersects with Qi practice and study of the ancients. Today western medicine recognizes that mindful, intentional movements have beneficial effects on mind, body, and emotions. Qigong is a complement to Western medicine.

“Keep growing, learning, loving and generate more Qi!” – Cynthia Niermann