fun & educational class

Thank-you for the fun and educational class! Chi Gong also seems like an excellent relaxation technique to help with trying to sleep. Deb B.

Great class, learned so much.

Great class, learned so much. Felt so good. You are the best! Kathleen P.

enjoyed your class, I am not a regular exerciser

Really enjoyed your class. I am not a regular exerciser and lack body awareness, so the visual cues were very helpful. eg, scoop water, be like kelp. I loved gathering stars and felt the energy buzz after. Thank-you! Lisa M

wonderful & energizing

Qigong feels wonderful and energizing – appreciate your class. Laura W.

feels good

wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating – feels good, at right pace. Andrea L.

Teacher is easy to follow

Cynthia is a great teacher. She created an environment that made it easy to follow my introduction to Qigong. Alan T.

Wonderfully relaxing

This class is wonderfully relaxing and the instruction is excellent. Elena M.

Qigong helps whole body

All areas of my body are helped when I do Qigong. Nancy S.

Attitude is an important tool and it’s free!

Thank-you Cynthia for all you do to improve people’s understanding of how everything is connected and attitude is one of our most important tools we have in in life that is free of charge! I enjoyed Cynthia’s classes very much. Her positive energy is uplifting!
Rita T.

Even a short Qigong session “woke me up”

Even a short Qigong exercise break with Cynthia at a recent conference “woke me up” and I was able to retain, participate and sit through the rest of the presentations. This proved to me that doing Qigong, even a quick session, makes a difference in my energy levels! Lanae D.

Qigong amplified my energy after Yoga

After doing my Yoga routine, I did some Qigong with Cynthia and immediately felt the energy moving throughout my body. It was almost as if doing Qigong after yoga amplified my energy.   Kathy M

Desire to continue with Qigong

I’m happy and excited that I have a desire to continue Qigong. I feel it will benefit many aspects of my life, health, peace, spirit,, love. I think Cynthia has a lot of energy and enthusiasm which makes it enjoyable to learn something new. Her cheerfulness and positive attitude are nice and make it a joy to come to class.  Ann M

Fantastic Instructor

Cynthia is a fantastic instructor. Her knowledge and passion for Qigong is contagious. This class has taught me how to be more mindful of my thoughts and my physical state which, in turn, increases my relaxation. Plus improves my energy level and overall sense of wellbeing.  Sean O.

Appreciate the benefits

I appreciate the benefits of Qigong and plan on practicing  the movements and breathing exercises on a regular basis. Thank-you!    Gail M.

Relieved Chronic Neck Pain

I had chronic neck pain for 4 years before and after surgery and doing Qigong and the meditation helps me manage and reduced the neck pain! It’s also a great way to relax and relieve stress.   Darius H.

Darius Hendon

Manage Stress

“My doctor told me my blood pressure was getting too high but I didn’t want to take medication.  Since doing Qigong, my circulation has improved, I feel I can manage stress and my emotions in positive ways.  I am still medication free.  Thanks for your encouragement and teaching style.”

Larry P.

Physical Strength

“Since practicing Qigong, my arthritic joints feel looser, and I have new tools to manage my pain.  Plus I have more physical strength, my balance is better, and so is my confidence!”

Gary A.

More Energy

“Thanks for introducing me to Qigong.  At first I didn’t know how to even pronounce the word, now I look forward to learning more.  Consistently doing the exercises is helping me slim down, have more energy and get into the shape I want.”

Cheri G.


” I want to thank you for teaching me that excellent Balancing exercise.  The intermittent unsteadiness I was experiencing stopped and my balance has really improved.  I can now stand on one foot for quite a long time, even in the distracting gym environment.  Plus, I feel more confident on the treadmill and on outdoor walks.  I will continue doing this!”

Gry K – 89 years young

Powerful and Satisfying

“Qigong is something powerful and satisfying I can do for my own healing. I am thrilled with the results now after only a few classes. I’m curious to see how much younger I feel next year.”

S. B. Arden

Feel Fabulous

“Qigong is bringing so many positive things into my life. Cynthia is right, the more I do, the better I feel. . . I am beginning to feel fabulous too!”

Jan T.


“Cynthia’s Qigong for Healthy Aging is giving me energy to enjoy moving my body! I feel inspired to get more exercise and smile more!!”

Louise S.

Balance and Posture

“I had broken my left ankle about seven months before taking Cynthia’s class. Qigong exercises helped open the metatarsal arch on that left foot. Standing postures helped me keep my weight more evenly distributed on both feet. This helped improve my balance and my posture! Focusing attention on breathing, balance and how I am moving continues to keep me more grounded and coordinated. I love too the way I feel so energized yet relaxed and happy after doing Qigong!”

Grace P.

Sense of Lightness

“Thank you so much for introducing me to Qigong. As a beginning practitioner I am amazed at how wonderful it makes me feel! You are an awesome teacher, and bring such a sense of lightness and energy to each class. I look forward to many more classes in the future!”

Mary S.


“I’ve known Cynthia for years, and she just keeps getting younger and younger! Her enthusiasm, and joyful presence, along with the depth of her heart and wisdom, are a true blessing to be around. She has a natural “sparkling essence” that leaves a path of joy behind her wherever she goes and to whomever she meets. Thank you Cynthia for your true calling of natural Healthy Aging… You are the embodiment of this work!

May you continue to bless us on your journey, and I look forward to doing QIGong with you from wherever you are in the world – I’m so grateful you’re sharing these adventures and healthy living tips/movements with us!”

Angel N.

Positive Approach

“Thanks for the positive approach to fitness, healthy living and vital aging for everyone. It feels great to get inspired to feel better, sexier, happier and to look like it too.”

Barbara N.

Teaching Style

“Cynthia’s teaching style is engaging and motivating.  So I understand how and why I’m going to keep doing this, she gives clear explanations of the energetic intentions and benefits.  If a student needs to take extra care in a specific movement, Cynthia demonstrates alternative ways to stand or stretch.  Cynthia’s enthusiasm and uplifting personality leaves me feeling happy and energized after each class.  And the techniques of Qigong leave me feeling grounded, relaxed and ready to take on my day with centered clarity and a surplus of energy.”

Kim C.


“Though I was introduced to Qigong a few years ago in a one day workshop, the biggest difference this time is a should er injured about 6 months ago plus arthritic changes in both.  After my first class with Cynthia, the next morning I found both my shoulders more flexible, not stiff, and having markedly more range of motion.  This alone makes continuing to learn and use Qigong in my daily life worthwhile.  The movements are slow and controlled, therefore easy on the joints and allowing stretching the muscles tendons easily.

Cynthia is a vivacious and positive person, a pleasure to be around, and she knows what she is doing.  Having studied both Qigong and Tai Chi for many years, she is now sharing that knowledge with us, to our benefit.”

Pat S.

Feel Good Fitness

“This is feel good fitness!!  Cynthia’s teaching style engaged so many layers of my being.  I still practice workout series from our class handouts.  The visualizations and meditations were relaxing and potent, a perfect closure.  also appreciated attention to details and really enjoyed the class atmosphere, especially doing flow routines, moving in harmony felt like we were all slow dancing together.  There were moments it was transcendent.”

June R.
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