Qi Lifestyle

Wellness with whole person potential is our focus. Keeping the Qi, our invisible life force
energy, tuned, toned and flowing in and around our physical body. Finding helpful ways
and useful techniques to keep our emotions calm and balanced while increasing our
happiness factor! Using meditation, relaxation and leisure pursuits to improve the quality
of our experiences. And, challenging our amazing brains for more access to creative
solutions, applications and musings. Every age can benefit!
Everybody is aging, that’s the benefit of living!!! Each stage of life presents its own
rewards and challenges – growing older can be a sexy and juicy process! We are all in
the same river of time so swim, float, hold on through the rapids, and go with the flow –
the river is always changing. As an old saying goes: we can’t step in the same river
twice. But we can share some effective ways to meet each stage, greet the positive
and get through the challenges.
This section will be filled with ideas and experiences which may enhance your lifestyle
and creativity, tickle your fancy for world travel, and inspire more healing leisure and
brainy pursuits.
Let’s enjoy our health and well being – keep fit, stay flexible and feel fabulous at every
age with a Qi lifestyle 4 healthy aging!

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