Qi Environment

IMG_0633Find your sanctuary. Designate a small space where you can do your practice. I do my morning home routine with nearby doors open to hear fountains and birdsong, feel the fresh air and be enlivened by nature. But you can do Qigong anywhere. Take a short Qi break at the office or while cooking dinner or after coming home from work or errands. Plus, even a 5 minute meditation like one of our short meditation audio clips, will lower your blood pressure and benefit body, mind, heart and soul. Lots more to come about creating: a zen environment in your home; a creativity corner; a meditation spot; a place to daydream; a meditation garden; a backyard wildlife habitat “for the birds and bees”; massage room; home gym; kitchen or cutting garden. Plus your technology/media center: living with our technological necessities; and turning it all off.

Relaxing Music: There is a extensive variety of good music, occasionally one stands out in my radar. Robert Rand is one of my favorite deep relaxation musicians. His resonant vibes coupled with nature sounds and soft ocean waves transport me into a meditative state. You can listen with your QIGONG practice. Hearing Wavepool playing at bedtime can help you sleep or get back to sleep..

Here is a link to CD: WAVEPOOL
Deep Relaxation Music: http://deeprelaxationmusic.com