10-10 4801Every person is a unique chemical factory with a specific sequence of genes. Human Beings share similar basic nutritional needs but diets vary with activity
levels, allergies, illness or genetic needs as well as what stage of life you are in. A pregnant woman needs a fortified diet, while dietary needs changing with years may require less food in general but more dark chocolate . . . Seriously, indulge at any stage in life with delicious foods you love, just do it in moderation.

A full blood panel workup analyzes what’s in your blood to reveal your personalized body chemistry and your optimum nutritional needs. Find a good medical person to interpret these results. Nutritional tests like NutrEval FMV can be helpful to guide your unique individual dietary and supplement needs.My results showed how my body was, and where it was not, absorbing essential vitamins and minerals and indicated foods best for me to eat regularly or foods to avoid. This helped determine what I needed to add, eliminate and modify in my diet and with my nutritional supplements. This literally helped change my life, my moods and my physique . . .plus I feel and look better too!