Exercise, Fitness, Pilates, Sports & Martial Arts

Do something, keep moving;
try several kinds of activities to find the ones you enjoy. Newest findings in
Neuroscience hypothesize our brain developed because we are Beings in motion. A
stationary creature has little need for a large brain but complex creatures with
coordinated limbs, speed and thought need to MOVE IT to nourish both brain and body.
Varying your routine not only keeps you engaged but also exercises different muscle
groups and develops new spatial skills, coordination and synaptic connections in your
“plastic” brain which continues to grow as you do.
Strength training is essential as the years pass. Get some simple free weights and
instruction how to use them, join a gym, and/or get a trainer. Ignite the discipline to
develop all your muscles.
Cardio-Conditioning: At the gym, walking, running, biking, swimming, aerobics,
dancing, skiing, paddle boarding, spinning to name a few, are great for heart and body.
And YES, do some Qigong every day.

Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Martial Arts, Exercise, Fitness, Sports do more than provide a
good workout. When you are committed to your practice and have FUN doing it, you are
building positive character traits like patience, perseverance, concentration, discipline,
integrity which foster cooperation, camaraderie and, hopefully tolerance, kindness and
compassion. We were all beginners once, start where you are and DO IT regularly!