Qigong Benefits Your Longevity, Let Me Count the Ways

Qigong aids anti-aging, active aging, ageless living, healthy aging, vitality and longevity with flexibility, optimum function and expanded awareness!  How?

5 Ways Qigong promotes Longevity

1. Reduces blood pressure & pulse rate
2. Builds muscle strength
3. Improves Balance
4. Aids weight loss & distribution of weight
5. Builds new neural pathways in your brain

Let’s focus on these:

Practicing qigong reduces blood pressure and pulse rate. Deep breathing is a key element of Qigong practice. As you focus on deep rhythmic breathing with slow, intentional movement, your blood pressure lowers and pulse rate naturally slows.

Qigong stretches, exercises and flows build muscle strength. Standing postures require micro movements and tiny muscular adjustments to gravity. Your feet get stronger, your leg muscles are strengthened, your core and lower back muscles are engaged, not stressed but in use. Your upper torso needs to be relaxed, even if your arm muscles are engaged to hold your arms in one position. Then when you move, your learn to develop a “feel” for the movement, how your body is moving through space. This helps Improve Balance as proprioceptor cells are engaged and developed to reduces falls, and help you move more gracefully with confidence. Form and function are positively affected.

Another key benefit: Qigong aids weight loss. It’s an enjoyable exercise without contortions, exhaustion or the need for props. I personally found that practicing qigong helped my weight to redistribute in a more pleasing way, translate as reduced belly and upper leg fat.

Thanks to new discoveries in neuroplasticity, the amazing capacity of our brain to redirect, change and adapt according to need and or stimulus, Qigong exercises and meditation build new neural pathways in your brain. Movements include spiral and cross-over motion benefitting hemispheric integration within your own brain as well as developing new neural pathways; this also reinforces making new and enduring memories. Your brain continues to grow, and is capable of remarkable healing at any age. Read one of my favorite authors, Norman Doidge, M.D., his inspiring books record true stories of  healing and transformation!

Practitioners may also use Qigong exercises to modify and heal chronic conditions and diseases; as well as improve the quality of life for those with breast cancer, diabetes, or heart conditions. It’s important to note that many exercises can be modified to do while seated, even lying down.

Whatever your practice what is similarly required is a time commitment to learn, consistent practice, cultivating awareness of Qi flowing in your life, and patience. It’s an enjoyable form of accessible exercise for every age to develop your body as well as your mind and spirit.I consider each practice session a full body tune-up.

Qigong and Tai Chi are increasingly playing important roles in the integrative medicine system and the quality of healthy, vigorous aging. More significant research and medical reports are confirming the multidimensional benefits of these energetic arts – stay tuned for more on the cutting edge of science, energy medicine practices for your good health at every age!

Please leave comments how Qigong has helped you. If your are a Teacher what are your favorite longevity exercises?

Thank-you for sharing your time and Qi energy and being part of a supportive Qigong /Tai Chi community!

About Cynthia Niermann

Cynthia Bell Niermann, M.A. is a Certified Qigong Teacher who specializes in the Energetic Arts and Wellness Education. Cynthia's goal is to share tools and experiences for vibrant health and inner development. Keep Qi Moving and ENJOY being fully alive!