Interested in Longevity -with Vitality and a Sound Mind?

Aging is our gift for living longer. We can’t stop the process, nor do I want to. I’m happier with my life today than I was twenty, thirty plus years ago. To many of us over fifty, living longer means daily care and maintenance of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. We’re interested in longevity with vitality and a sound mind. The relatively new understanding of brain plasticity has given humans limitless freedom to explore our frontiers. Neuroscience, as Olivia Goldhill writes in publication Quartz, also finds that  “to be truly happy, you will always need something more.. . . and the act of seeking itself, rather than the goals we realize, is key to satisfaction.”. It appears all beings benefit from “enrichment” programs that test, stretch and satisfy a curious nature throughout life.

That’s why I love Qigong, this is an ancient system for personal enhancement week 2 still 1 copyfrom China. So satisfy your curious nature, learn more on my Vimeo channel: 

 To learn more about this healing art try the Qigong Challenge 4 week series. Designed in weekly segments, you can do one or all the weeks. If you haven’t tried an online class yet, not to worry. Simply register online, then you can watch and exercise anytime you want from computer, tablet and cell phone. Qigong increases overall strength, stamina and provides effective stress management. These seemingly simple exercises will focus and calm your mind, plus improve your heart health and moods. 

Is bone health one of your concerns with aging? It’s one of my motivators. Begin with Week 1 for stretches, exercises and moving meditations to give your practice a good foundation. Stability and enhanced
coordination comes with your Qigong practice as you build strong bones, improve your core strength and posture. Relax those upper body tensions on a special week 2 in Baja as enjoy some travel exercise routines. 
Emphasis shifts to lower body in week 3 as you also learn more moving meditations. Feeling, sensing Qi Energy is the focus of week 4 as you continue to deepen and develop your practice. Copy & paste to watch this short Qigong Challenge series trailer:

I recently watched a 107 year old Master compete in a Tai Chi tournament. This is lifelong learning – Qigong is called the longevity exercise, one of the eternal arts! Even the masters practice daily. Qigong is the ancestor of Tai Chi so you will receive all the benefits too.

CBN w cell V arpadAs the body is enlivened, interior frontiers are expanded – our breath deepens, we sense the Qi flowing in and around our body and this harmony seems to overflow into our daily life. Gradually “serendipity” and synchronicity happens more often. Did we change or did the environment we cultivated in our brain help us be more observant?

Try Qigong and discover some of the benefits for yourself! If you live in South Orange County, come to one of my local classes at San Clemente and Mission Viejo Recreation Centers. Check catalogs for fall 2016 enrollment.  Please tell me about your experiences below or on Vimeo.

Link to complete article in Quartz   :

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Cynthia Bell Niermann, M.A. is a Certified Qigong Teacher who specializes in the Energetic Arts and Wellness Education. Cynthia's goal is to share tools and experiences for vibrant health and inner development. Keep Qi Moving and ENJOY being fully alive!