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Hot Springs, known as healing waters with a potent brew of minerals, are one of nature’s best gifts. I imagine the earliest medical prescriptions involved “taking the waters” , either by drinking the mineral-rich water or soaking in geothermal springs. The early Romans wereIMG_1599 so fond of their hot soaks that many of the ruins visited today are
remains of these ancient baths. Many, like the still thriving resort towns of Baden Baden, Germany; Budapest, Hungary and Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia, were built on ancient thermal springs. Turkey has become synonymous with the culture of healing baths. Cleopatra frequented Israel’s Dead Sea and it is still a popular healing destination. In Japan pilgrims still seek healing soaks in an Onsen, a natural hot spring.

Other geologically active islands of Hawaii, New Zealand and Iceland have many natural and commercial Hot Springs. And let’s not forget the Roman ruins of Bath, England whose 42 minerals were part of rehab for injured WWII serviceman and women. The Geophysical Data center lists 1661 hot springs in the United States. More on a state by state basis will be written about these. There are a treasure-trove of thermal springs in Canada, most notable are Banff Hot Springs in Alberta province. San Miguel De Allende, Mexico has blanearios, with springs famous before Montezuma’s time. With six active volcanoes, Costa Rica’s current hot springs favorite is near ArenalP1000410 volcano. In South America there are countless hot springs tucked along the Andes and beyond. My experience on this continent is limited to Peru at a “developed pool” hooked up to a thermal spring fed from towering mountains above us. My skin felt great for days even in the hot Alto Plano flats. I’lltemporarily close this brief dip into thermal springs around the globe with the Roof of the World, Tibet. Although I have not soaked in any of the remote natural springs here, the ancient landscape of Tibet is a volcanic tapestry of uplifted planes surrounded by snow-capped peaks and sacred mountains covered with prayer flags.The land itself feels alive with the heartbeat of the earth and Qi fills the atmosphere. A rejuvenating soak somewhere in the world is beckoning, relax and enjoy!