“Aging is an Educational Experience” says Ram Dass, and so do I!

My older friends joke that, “It’s a full time job growing old”. I laugh, snort, and chuckle along, knowing this to be true as I join the elder ranks of my generation. Designated Seniors on government roll calls, our tsunami wave of baby boomers is waking up to ”where did the time go?” I don’t think  my generation is the only one to ask this question but we are the largest recorded number to broadcast every detail and aspiration of this journey (to Enlightenment). We are obsessed with our superior insight, diets, fitness and wisdom.

I am obsessed too, fortunately though often humbled by unexpected life lessons. Just when I think I’ve got the true answer, wham, a wave knocks over my certainty and I eat the sands of my own ignorance. I’ve been on the organic food, healthy diet program for many years but it wasn’t until five years ago when I changed over to my current Integrative Medicine Doctor that I learned my “own wisdom” may not nutritionally be the best for my unique chemical constitution. Doctor ordered a Micronutrient test to reveal just how my body was, and was not,  absorbing food, including vitamins, minerals and  potential food allergies. This matters because almost all physiological function in your body requires  micronutrients to properly function. Results, both humbling and empowering, required supplemental adjustments and  a six month Naturopathic detox diet. I witnessed a complete constitutional adjustment. Granted I regularly did and continue to do Qigong, aerobic exercise and other mindfulness and spiritual practices as well. Thankfully, most every facet of my life continues to positively improve with age.

How to ride emotional waves is a major benefit of Qigong. My practice helps me get over those stressful knock-outs and stay anchored in my own center through the raging chaos of the airwaves and daily tension challenges. My antidote is: be still, go inside, breathe deeply, feel where tension is and let it go. . . refuel with Qi energy. This cascades into other benefits like adjusting moody reactionary responses, sleep patterns, and happiness meter. Inner peace is not found, it’s cultivated in each moment.6Y0B3948

It takes practice – every time chaos happens, I have to “go inside”, bring a conscious awareness of the choices before me and focus: Be still, breathe deeply, feel where the tension is and let go. . . it’s mindfulness meditation, then take action.

Recently I experienced another seismic shift, this time of good news. I’d been quietly noticing my eyes were changing – this time for the better. So when I finally got around to an overdue annual exam I mentioned, “I think my eyes have improved”. Of course the doctor was skeptical and carefully checked, and double-checked the results before turning to me with a cheshire smile, “Yes, your eyes have improved”. “How?” I discovered my reading/ close up vision had improved, and was very surprised to learn that my stigmatism had as well. Be proactive with your eye health, as changes to  cellular fluid begin as early as 30. So here are a few things I know contributed to my improvement.

Try this quick relaxing Qi moment for renewing tired eyes: seated, standing, or lying in bed rub both hands vigorously together. Now close your eyes and rest your cupped warm palms over your eyes. Imagine that tingling invisible Qi is filling the rods, cones and cells with energy to repair and refuel your eye health.Take good care of these windows to your world; eyes get tired, recharge with this technique that you can do anytime. 

Exercise is as important as rest to eye muscles too. Click and learn one technique that contributed. Good for brain and balance too!

At about the age of five I remember having a vivid dream of absorbing a copper penny into the palm of my hand. Over the years I tried to fathom its significance in dream circles, journeying, meditation, talk therapy, etc. So, just a few months ago when I read that  (over-the-counter) PreserVision Areds2 ingredients listed traces of copper- my sensory body lit up. There was good reason, for three plus months before my recent eye exam I’d been taking Areds2 . There are several brands on the market, similar but slightly different, try a few. You will feel a difference within a month when you find the right one for you.

There’s also a nutritional supplement I drink that I swear helps my joints, nails, skin, eyes and bones. A biocell product with collagen and HA, Hyaluronic Acid, which also acts as a  lubricant and shock absorber for the eyes. The dear friend who introduced me to this product reports others have remarked how their vision also improved along with other symptoms. Write an email if you’d like to know more about this.

Ram Dass, teacher and author of  Be Here Now, a seminal 1970’s transformational book, later in life taught aging is an educational experience, a time for reflection, to look at life as a series of new moments and so do I in my Qigong and Qi lifestyle practice.

In my experience, living is experiential education and healthy aging is a choice in each moment.  Grow happier with age by nourishing the gardens of your body, mind, heart and soul. Or squander your blessings, ignore your health daily and feel “old” with age. My choice is clear: Keep moving daily with Qigong for vibrant, healthy aging!


About Cynthia Niermann

Cynthia Bell Niermann, M.A. is a Certified Qigong Teacher who specializes in the Energetic Arts and Wellness Education. Cynthia's goal is to share tools and experiences for vibrant health and inner development. Keep Qi Moving and ENJOY being fully alive!