Qigong, Cultivating a Healthy Habit

Did you know that according to The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi millions worldwide have and are experiencing the healing benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi? Qigong, (grandparent of Tai Chi,  pronounced chee gung) means “breathing exercise” or “life energy exercise”. Modern medical research indicates Qigong and Tai Chi can reduce anxiety and depression, lower high blood pressure, boost your immune system resistance to viral infection by 50%, slow the Aging Process, treat type 2 diabetes, and help manage chronic pain issues, to name just a few.  This ancient healing art has also proven to be a most effective way to maintain your balance  and coordination. The biggest bonus for me is that Qigong is also the most enjoyable way I’ve personally experienced to tone, tune and  strengthen my Mind-Body; and I’ve been in the business over 30 years!


So when an unexpected opportunity came to present Qigong, a healing art, at Arts Alive Festival in Orange County I said “Yes!”. Because the date of April 30 was also World Tai Chi & Qigong Day (WTCGD). Since 1999 WTCQD has quietly spread around the planet to now include celebrations and demonstrations  across 6 continents in over 80 countries. With this year’s theme “One World: One Breath” together people  breathed a wave of health and healing around the globe across economic and geopolitical lines  . . . and we joined that swell.


Arts Alive Festival in Mission Viejo is a super fun, creative venue for the community with interactive demonstrations and live performances. Artists are creating  Chalk paintings; Artisans are selling their creations; and talented Musicians and Bands are performing on the Main “Jurassic Stage” throughout the event. This year’s theme was the 1990’s . . . Hubble telescope was launched into space; dinosaurs came back to life in Jurassic Park; and Magic ignited imaginations in the Harry Potter book series. Competing chalk artists were creating these colorful  90’s scenes on the pavement for festival-goers to enjoy.


Art Festivals are usually about events “out there”, spectators meander and look at others’ creations. But Qigong is an Internal Art and, although often done in groups, is an “inside” experience. So it was a first for me and a first for the festival to include this “Eternal Art”. But there’s an appetite for, and its measurable effect among Millennials, to participate – many more of us want EXPERIENTIAL INTERACTIONS.

P1070545So men and women of all ages, even though most couldn’t even pronounce the word, volunteered to try Qigong with me on stage. Others participated standing or seated, some with their children, in the audience for this interactive demonstration. Together we joined that world Wave with Ocean Breathing. We also did a short series of flowing Qigong moves which activate vital life Energy within and without. Together all different ages learned some simple, yet very effective, stress management techniques. It was memorable on many levels and I am grateful to the amazing festival team.

It’s little wonder that  stress is one of the biggest challenges facing all of us today. If you want to add an effective tool to your fitness and healing toolbox,  try my 28 Day Qigong Challenge for 4 days – for FREE. Expand your possibilities – DO the Qigong challenge with me. Be in charge of when, where and how often you workout. It’s a Healthy Habit worth cultivating! Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.02.07 PM

About Cynthia Niermann

Cynthia Bell Niermann, M.A. is a Certified Qigong Teacher who specializes in the Energetic Arts and Wellness Education. Cynthia's goal is to share tools and experiences for vibrant health and inner development. Keep Qi Moving and ENJOY being fully alive!