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Nesting Glass Bowls by Dale Chihuly

Nesting Glass Bowls by Dale Chihuly

Qi / Chi and glass have much in common, both are amorphous. Glass is a cross between a solid and a liquid, while Qi is an invisible energy, often described as mist rising. Glass is one of humankind’s oldest and most useful materials which can be transformed and reshaped. Qigong has been practiced for over a thousand years and has been transformed and reformed into various martial art forms, Tai Chi and countless modern interpretations.Vibrant colors and imaginative forms of modern art glass make it appear like solid captured light,  it is “Qi Enchanting”. 

The multi-dimensional glass exhibitions in Tacoma, Washington, birthplace of  acclaimed artist Dale Chihuly, are worth the visit. There is a small quiet room dedicated to colorful displays of Chihuly’s seminal sculptural creations in the Art Museum of Ta6Y0B4728coma. Just a quick walk  away is the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. We lingered here, mesmerized by radiant colors and fanciful illuminated shapes, encased in multiple layers above us.  Another retrospective of exquisite earlier pieces from some of Chihuly’s most famous glass series are on display along the walkway. Do continue down the impressive
grand staircase to the Tacoma Glass Museum where many other fine modern glass masters and works are beautifully displayed. Check out the treasures in their great gift shop too! 

As a longtime fan of Dale Chihuly’s artistry, I have had the privilege of visiting several of his Botanical Garden exhibitions over the years. If you enjoy the colors and forms in “Qi-Enchanting” video posted below from my YouTube channel, a visit to see his works in nature’s gardens offers multiple delights. Plus Chi / Qi in a garden is naturally intense, you may be Qi-captivated by liquid light too. 

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